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    By Ayumi,

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    Upcoming downtime with power cycle early on 11/27 due to cabinet migration

    Nov 24 2017 01:04:26 AM PT    Our facilities provider in Chicago, Internap, is requiring that we move several cabinets' worth of gear in this facility over to new cabinets. We have been planning these moves for the last month and coordinating with Internap to try to make them as smooth as possible. We have done such moves successfully many times in the past. 


    The moves are set to occur over the course of several mornings (we are doing them early in the morning to minimize customer impact). On November 27, between approximately midnight and 8am CST, we plan to move the equipment in the cabinet hosting your specific service. This means that you will see your service gracefully shut down at some point during the window (close to the beginning of it), and booted back up later in the window (as soon as we have finished moving all of the gear -- at least a few hours later).


    We will be taking every precaution to be as careful as we can with your hardware. However, there is always the possibility that a hardware problem will be revealed by the move. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you back up any irreplaceable data that you may have stored on the server.


    If you require very high levels of uptime and the hours of downtime will cause problems for you on the 27th, please contact us, and we can investigate how we can help, such as by providing a temporary service or moving you to other hardware. (While most of our cabinets in Chicago will need to be moved, a couple will remain in place, and those will only see downtime when our router is migrated later in the week -- less than 30 minutes.)


    Update @ 8:18am CST: On-site staff are having difficulty with these moves and taking much longer than expected. They are moving as quickly as possible and we are currently hoping to have the maintenance done for all customers by 11am CST, with some back online sooner than that. Please accept our sincere apologies for the additional downt

    Custom Models/Colored Names

    By Thane︻┳テ=一,

     I would like to make a suggestion of adding colored names/chat an option for vip's and up, a long with custom models(characters). The vip's on the 1upZ servers really get a kick out of it. It's no priority, but I think it would help to peak people's interest that are new to the servers. 


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    Applied for VIP

    VIP Request

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    Applying for good ol' VIP :D

    Bottomless Feedback & Suggestion

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    Please use this post for Bottomless server feedback & suggestion after FIA removal.