Cleaning up Forums

    By NormanTheBeast,

    Hello Everyone, So I would like for everyone to know that some posts that are outdated or extremely old will be deleted to make navigating the site easier, If you have any suggestions to make this process for convenient or efficient please let the admins know!



    New titles

    By NormanTheBeast,

    there couple news title has been added without anyone's direct approval from Community operation,trustee or anything thing. This just streamline of define 3 benches of this community.

    Note: it doesn't affect/effect the operation :P

    Community Operation:






    Joint Operation



    Community Operation members (CEO,COO,CAO,CIO)

    Server Operation




    Game Admin


    This will be easy of us mass email you guys through website's admin cp



    Scrinnod's Promotion

    By NormanTheBeast,

    I know it is early to promote him, BUT he has been doing a really good job. He knows what he is doing and takes warnings of players seriously. I have seen him play on the server before and after he became admin. I really do believe that he deserves a promotion from Trainee to Game Admin. I will be looking after him to ensure that he is doing what he is suppose to do and take a responsibility towards him. I really believe that he can be a good Game Admin for our servers. He has been upholding what he wrote about on his application and I really do think that he deserves this position. Please welcome Scrinnod as one of our new Game Admins guys! Thank you!



    By NormanTheBeast,

    If you are an admin, please make sure you place a request ban with EVIDENCE on the forums. Operations will look at it and determine whether the convicted player will be banned or not. You cannot go around just banning any player permanently without the approval of Operations Members.

    I would recommend a three strike rule before banning a player for a minimum of 30 mins. If you do not know what the three strike rule is, read below:

    If a player is going around harassing or just plainly has a foul mouth that needs soap in it, SLAP them (Strike 1).
    If they do not stop the second time, KICK them (Strike 2).
    Once they run out of strikes, give them a minimum ban of 30 minutes only (Strike 3).

    If you decide that a player is too much out of hand where you will want to perm ban them, please post a topic for operations to see. Once that is done, Operations will help determine the players ban length. Please remember that unless you have evidence, we will not be taking your word for it. Another thing, unless the person is A. planning to attack the servers (such as DDos or Hacking) or B. Did something severely a**hole-ly to you and other players, perm banning is acceptable ONLY IF you add a NOTE on sourcebans or start a new topic in the appropriate sections of forums. That will be the only time we will actually accept a perm ban without question, but you STILL NEED EVIDENCE.

    Thank you and have an awesome day everyone!

    -CIO M.C.

    Source Game servers

    By NormanTheBeast,

    They are going to through Sourcemod and sourcebans update.

    Expect the servers going down during this time, Hopefully ETA is 5-10 mins how fast i will work..

    Status : Completed

    Note: Admins, you may need going to use rcon password during this time, Since there is major update going to bots and sourcebans, resulting your admin may or may not work. Please be patient while this is work.

    Sourcebans isn't able to be exported/imported to save time but i have to work long route....

    All permanent bans has been imported from old site


    new look of sourceban, that recently install yesterday at this moment

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.JPG
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Size:	78.7 KB
ID:	1901

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.JPG
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Size:	78.7 KB
ID:	1902


    all account and completed...



    Sourcemods (were using 1.7)

    The SourceMod 1.8 branch has now been declared the new stable branch. We will however still provide gamedata updates to the 1.7 branch for at least the near future.

    Below is a list of what's new in the 1.8 branch since the last Development Roundup post. Check that out if you haven't yet as the below list is just an addendum.

    As always, we'd like to thank the community members that have aided the SourceMod development team by contributing changes this period, including VoiDeD, Powerlord, Peace-Maker, GoD-Tony, FlaminSarge, Tsunami, stickz, splewis, pheadxdll, Benoist3012, 02m, TheCreeper, iNilo, galeksandrp, and Kailo


    Updated GetMapDisplayName to to match game on Windows. (Uses backslashes)

    Fixed some crashes in the new File Transfer hooks.

    Fixed funcommands attempting to use some non-existant sounds on CS:GO.

    Fixed crash on failing to load dependent extensions.

    Fixed long-standing crash with late or incorrect calls to TR_GetEntityIndex.

    Fixed incorrect extension name being printed when dependent extension is unloaded.

    Fixed potential crash on plugin load when a required library is not found.

    Fixed potential crash or other side effects with GameRules_Set* natives.

    Fixed compile errors with plugins that used old NormalS[ound]Hook prototype.

    Fixed all varint sendprops being treated improperly in CS:GO and gamerules sendprops in Black Mesa.

    Fixed SourceTV bot detection on Source SDK 2013 mods and Black Mesa.

    Fixed function symbols for static libraries being exported. (On Linux, this caused conflicts with other modules that use libprotobuf).

    Fixed potential issues on Linux when running on a filesystem that uses 64-bit inodes (such as XFS).


    Added FireToClient to Event methodmap, for sending events just to a specific client.

    Added ability for plugins to block entity outputs from firing.

    Added GetServerAuthId and GetServerSteamAccountId natives.

    Added CanBeAutobalanced hook type in SDKHooks for games that use the SDK implementation (TF2, FoF).

    Added new HasEntProp function to easily check an entity for the existence of a property.


    Clarifed documentation for GetMaxEntities, GetEntityCount, IsValidEntity, and IsEntNetworkable.

    GameRules_Set* natives now network changes by default, similar to SetEntProp* natives.

    Returning Plugin_Changed in event hooks now behaves like Plugin_Continue rather than Plugin_Handled.

    Added warning print when gamedata is loaded from the "custom" folder to make issues easier to diagnose.

    Converted all SourceMod includes and more base plugins to use the Sourcepawn Transitional Syntax.

    FindSendPropOffs and FindDataMapOffs have now been deprecated in favor of FindSendPropInfo and FindDataMapInfo.

    Removed support for compiling SourceMod against old Source 1 Dota 2 SDK.

    The Stable Builds download page now points to 1.8 builds, although 1.7 ones are still available and linked there. The Dev Buildspage now points to the brand new 1.9 branch.

    Sourcebans (we were using 

    SourceBans++ Change Log

    * = New feature
    - = Removed stuff
    + = Improved feature
    ! = Fixed bug
    ? = Other stuff

    (28/04/16): Version
    01. ! Fix Admins and Groups Not Loading from Config

    (23/04/16): Version
    01. ! Fix Perm Ban bug in SourceSleuth
    02. ! Fix Updater

    (18/04/16): Version
    01. ! Fix Variuous Bugs in the Plugins EXCEPT SourceSleuth
    02. ? Updated ADOdb and LightOpenID Library

    (07/04/16): Version
    01. ! Fix Memory Leak in SourceSleuth Plugin
    02. ? Optimized and updated IpToCountry.csv

    (24/03/16): Version
    01. ! Downgrade plugin to 1.5.3
    02. + Add ULX Module for GMOD (Not Maintained by Me)

    (09/03/16): Version
    01. ! Fix XSS Vulnerability in SourceComms Page

    (01/03/16): Version
    01. ! Fix Ban/Comm Reason Issue in Plugin
    02. ? CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0

    (14/02/16): Version 1.5.4
    01. * Added Steam3 ID to Ban and Comm list
    02. * Added PHP7 Support
    03. + Updated Comms page with better CSS
    04. + Small misc theme fixes
    05. + Small plugin fixes/optimizations
    06. ! Fixed config.php bug with APIKey and URL
    07. ! Fix MariaDB Empty Ban List
    08. ? Optimized and updated IpToCountry.csv

    (01/09/15): Version 1.5.3
    01. * Added Steam API Key to Installer for Future Use
    02. * Added Steam OpenID Login Support
    03. * Added Updater Support
    04. * Added Own Admin Config System (No More admins.cfg)
    05. + Updated Smarty Library to 2.6.29
    06. + Updated Plugins to use partial SourceMod 1.7 Syntax/API
    07. + Changed Webpanel Background Color
    08. ! Fixed Email Injection Bug on Webpanel
    09. ! Fixed admin-flatfile issue in TF2 with New Config System
    10. ! Fixed RCON on webpanel skipping NULL characters (RCON XML error)
    11. ! Fixed importing banned_user.cfg with Steam3 [U:1:X]
    12. ! Fixed BoxToMask Issue #52 in SourceBans.js
    13. ! Fix HHVM issues with ADOdb
    14. ? Optimized and updated IpToCountry.csv

    (29/05/15): Version 1.5.2F
    01. * Changed licence to GNU AGPL v3
    02. * Replaced GetClientAuthString with GetClientAuthId for SourceMod 1.7
    03. * Added IP Banning with SourceSleuth
    04. + Updated ADOdb Library to 5.19
    05. + Updated TinyMCE Library to 3.5.11
    06. - SourceMod 1.6.x and below are not supported
    07. - Removed FamilySharing Ban Evasion Detection
    08. - MariaDB not does not work anymore (Never was supported anyways)
    09. ! Fixed Ban List lagging on MySQL 5.6+ 
    10. ! Fixed Plugin Showing DataPack error
    11. ! Fixed KickId in Webpanel not working when trying to use Steam3
    12. ? Optimized and updated IpToCountry.csv

    (29/01/15): Version 1.5.1F
    01. * Changed licence to GNU GPL v3
    02. * Added SourceBans Connection Debugger
    03. * Added SourceComms Search Box 
    04. + Re-made SourceBans Logo in Footer
    05. ! Fixed getdemo.php spewing errors
    06. ! Fixed Invalid Query in SB Plugin
    07. ! Fixed parsing rcon status in CS:GO
    08. ? Added/Fixed Copyright Headers
    09. ? Updated SteamWorks Ext to git90
    10. ? Optimized and updated IpToCountry.csv

    (26/12/14): Version 1.5.0F
    01. * Integrated SourceComms
    02. * Added TF2 Modern Theme as Default (Made by IceMan)
    03. * Integrated SourceBans Checker
    04. * Re-made SourceBans FAQ
    05. * Added MvM and HL2 Map Pics
    06. * Added Synergy to the Game List
    07. + Re-arranged/Renamed Tabs
    08. + Added More Robust LFI Patch
    09. ! Fixed Plugin Pointing to wrong FAQ link
    10. ? Optimized and updated IpToCountry.csv

    (02/12/14): Version 1.4.13F
    01. ! Fixed LFI EXPLOIT //Thanks jsifuentes
    02. ? Optimized and updated IpToCountry.csv

    (15/11/14): Version 1.4.12F
    01. * Added Steam3 Support for Player Menu
    02. * Added IP Ban checking from SourceSlueth
    03. ! Fixed Steam Family Sharing Ban Evasion.
    04. ? Added SteamWorks Extension
    05. ? Optimized and updated IpToCountry.csv


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