A ban question? "The Dark Night" ( STEAM_0:1:85857785 )

    By NormanTheBeast,
    So This player is well this and i am unsure what to do entirely so hes what he said , what he did was shot everything and everyone multi times so um here is this 

    Welcome to GMOD server

    By NormanTheBeast,

    i know couple of you guys love to play gmod,

    we just bought Gmod server into our inventory via different provider.



    Going Offline for 2weeks to possibly 2 months

    By NormanTheBeast,

    Hello Everyone,
    I regret to inform yall that I will be going offline starting on the 10th. My laptop and my phone have both broke and in terms of the laptop (phone is unrepairable) it doesn't look good in terms of repairs. That being said If I can get it repaired I will hopefully be back aprox on the 17th or so. If its broken I will be offline till i can get a replacement for my laptop which could take 1-2 months depending.
    That being said if you need help in any way Please do contact the CIO and CAO (Mc and Charlie) for any questions comments or concerns about the server while i'm gone. I will (hopefully) try to pop on when i can however chances of that is low.
    So that being said Have fun for the summer months and game on!
    Roxas GM

    schedule Dedicated server Reboot

    By NormanTheBeast,

    At approximately 2am CDT on July 30, we plan to reboot the machine hosting your VDS, in order to upgrade it to the latest version of Xen.

    For the reboot, your VDS will need to be shut down for approximately 15-30 minutes. We will attempt to gracefully shut it down on our end through Xen, but sometimes this doesn't work perfectly, so we advise that you turn off applications that might write to disk before the maintenance event.




    By NormanTheBeast,

    Scrinnod - Super to Trustee

    Game - Super

    trainiee - game

    any feedback?

    This giving Roxas at least 3rd trustee admin :P

    i know scrinnod need understand about ban protocol...



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