Happy Anniversity to Shinozaki

    By NormanTheBeast,

    Since I forgot our one year anniversary to our community.

    I am going to do Give some loves to our trainee that recently apply to be Game admin promotion. feel free to spam their inbox or visitor wall, as long with Major change to community operation level with CSO position.

    How this community Run by Joint operation and Community Operation. They make policy and we vote for it to make it look clean or nicely for you guys.

    If you have any suggestion about making new policy to our community feel free to post it Feedback or Request & Suggestion smile.png.

    From Trainee to Game admin.



    yoooo Birthday tomorrow (aug 18th)

    By NormanTheBeast,

    yeah dont know where to put this at so ech yeah ill be having my 18th birthday tomorrow, soooooo yeeeey

    (Might delet this tomorrow two)


    - Scrinnod

    I'm going to Fuck With This Server

    By NormanTheBeast,

    Until the End of Time - Arnold Schwarzenegger



    Ban Request on a player

    By NormanTheBeast,

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:80855029
    Name: I cannot specify it as he/ she (no clue) changes it almost every minute 
    Reason: That player joins the server by any name he likes, in this case he chose "tasteycup" and started spamming (not his voice but rather songs) microphone to the point that everyone left, and it seemed he wanted that as he stayed next to me spamming. I have no recording device frown.png. I took 3 screenshots to help with verification.
    ***I forgot to tell that it was not the first time he came to the server to do this. He came before as well when i was not an admin***
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Proof_3.png
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Size:	52.5 KB
ID:	2142
    Original Tasteycup went after listening to it then after some time the other one left
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Proof_2.png
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Size:	381.9 KB
ID:	2141
    His name changes too fast for me, lol (every minute!)
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Proof_1.png
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Size:	269.1 KB
ID:	2140
    Just few of the names he changed to -_-


    By NormanTheBeast,
    Hello my fellow admins of all rank!

    I will be away for a while on the servers and forums. Just know that I do get emails from you all, so in case you guys think I'm not replying, just know that I'm going to be away for a minimum of 3 days to a week. I'm trying to catch up on some sleep during my days off of work since I work really LATE LATE HOURS! Lol! Literally, I'm working my butt off from 12am to 8am, sometimes even extending to the afternoon, lol. This is only a temporary thing, I'm not going to be gone forever, lol. Just expect M.C. to be away for a little while, relaxing from her job and the servers/forums. If there is anything you need, please PM me through the forums or PM any trustee or operations member! Have a good holiday! Those of you who are 21+, drink up and for those of you who are under age, have a fun time spending it away from work or enjoying it with loved ones. I will see you guys once my shifts are not so crazy after this week, lol. Thanks! smile.png
    -CIO MC <3

    P.S. While I am away, please be on your best behaviors. I know that some players maybe difficult to deal with from time to time but try your best. Also, I'm not just away for work reasons, I am also away for family reasons. Lol, I need more time to spend with my little family, that includes my fiancé and my 2 year old son who is a dog (yes, he is a dog but I love my little pooper a lot, lol). Rule of thumb, if it is hurting others, you probably shouldn't be doing what you are doing (ex. Toggling drugs on pub players, pimp slapping them, or even noclip). Remember, we are a community, not a tyranny. Lol, have fun and be safe over the holidays! *Ah Woot, Ah woot* *SPARTA SCREAM* "THIS IS THE SHINOZAKI SERVERS* *Kicks someone off into a big well" xD

    P.P.S. I will inform you all when I have returned from my journey of enlightenment, lol. xD

    P.P.P.S. You all have been doing a wonderful job as admins of all ranks. I am very proud of all you beautiful people! Please keep doing what you are doing. If I hear anything bad from any trustee or operations, there will be CONSEQUENCES! Lol, so, try to stay away from trouble! (Rule does not apply to any operations member. Anyone below, will be subjected to admin abuse from M.C., lol)


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