Kicked multiple times

    By NormanTheBeast,

    These people kept kicking me for no apparent reason....
    1.☭ RUSSKY IVAN ☭(+240)46025:172.KERRY(+250)41005:163.Klein [Sword Art Online](+260)35005:164._AkTeP_(+30)3005:16
    They did not speak English so I could not communicate with them. Kind of was hoping they would get a ban from your server, unless you are okay with players hi-jacking. but up to you, thanks for your time.

    - Alpha Ginger

    Message from Wardz

    By NormanTheBeast,

    Hello all!
    I've talked with Wardz recently and he wanted me to let everyone know that he will be back very soon, and he apologises for all that he's missed on the servers/forums.



    about johan

    By NormanTheBeast,

    OK so johan is listed as VIP and he spams his power on himself I have told him to stop and he was getting annoying and he says his english isn't good he didn't understand. So if he is telling the truth then kicking/banning him would be unfair if someone is fluent in spanish would you speak to him about his spamming of powers



    Ban v2005viper

    By NormanTheBeast,
    Scrinn wanna explain this one? one week?

    Reporting ScrinnodStudios

    By NormanTheBeast,

    He is beyond abusing his powers. He was asked by a player to stop nocliping by a player becuz he was just sitting there talking and not trying to play when beast un noclipped him he said I don't have to un noclip even after me and beast told him the admin rules about it he still kept noclipping himself after beast would un noclip him like maybe 6 or 7 times before i kicked him. Then also he changes the map to maps not meant for server we was voting on server 6 and he changed it to hellsgate beast told him map not ment for that server. then we changed maps and you can check log for server 6 he noclipped and rushed the map, so i killed him and he slayed me in return when map reset that's when he started the noclip and got kicked so he change servers and changed the map since me and beast was chainsawing the zombies he left to another server and is just flying around talking to people giving them items, in every map he says I'm a admin a high ranking admin on server I can do what I want. Now I'm beyond perfect in many ways but to say that 'm a high rank admin I do as i want for a social media rank is way out there, he also likes to teleport people without asking.

    Beast can confirm and as said he has told me he has warned him about his abuse of powers.

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