Questions about VIP chat commands

    By Bigpapakrunch,

    -Do the vip chat commands work on all of the Shinozaki servers or just a couple of them?


    -Are chat commands entered using a "!" before the command or a "/" ?

             Ive tried both methods and cannot get any vip chat commands to work.


    Thanks in advance,


    Union vs Confederates

    By Thane︻┳テ=一,
    You interested in joining the fight against the Confederates? If so create an account 
    Login, click join USA, fill out the enlistment papers for your character and then go to my Companies page and click volunteer 
                                                                           -Captain Samuel McClelland
                                                                  7th Ohio Infantry Regiment, Company A
                                                                        Commanding Officer, U.S. Army

    The servers need infinite ammo

    By bigo,

    The !menu is great but its shit without the no reload ininite ammo seting or plugin.  Once yall get that on the servers along with the old maps nmo ya know the good ones not this bullshit nms then your perfect and id buuy some vip im not a id im 33yr old so yeah take my advice.


    also automatic respawn man no one wants to wait for 1hr to play again i just leave like everyone else and go to a server that has all this its common sense .

    How do I knowif I got the VIP?

    By roberto_gonzalezz,

    I applied for VIP, but I sill have some questions. How do I know I have VIP?, How can I activate it in NRIH?

    VIP Application

    By Malivaso,

    I have applied for VIP in support section


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