How to Download Packs for servers

    By Ayumi,

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    By Spanky,

    You guys still play???

    Reporting 3 players...

    By soren,

    so this is what happend ... as you see people are complaining about some people who stand for others... whos instant join and instant kick ban or else...

    till now i recive whit swearing...
    whit trolling...
    no playable players... bc the 3 peole on are ´´friends´´
    those kids... are impersonating GMS...
    and also are swearing to anyone who join...
    racist... about mexican -(doesnt affect me at all)
    but to tell you more they are the reason that theres no player.. online for many hrs...

    so i decided to report them .... i am uploading photos so you read the chat...
    and see how they stand in frotn whit no exit...  ill come back when they are not online... but as long as they are on  no one can play ... 5 players have come to play and cant join ....
    so i am asking you  to ... do as you can

    hope this get fix








    Got Troll Vote Banned Right Ater Joining

    Guest A NMRiH Player
    By Guest A NMRiH Player,

    Around 4:00 PM PST, 12/1/2018, I joined the #4 server, and right after I finished loading, I was kicked out of the server. The message says I've been votekicked. I checked the server's info, found out that there were these two players.

    I asked a friend of mine to try, and he also got instantly votekicked.

    I checked the server about half an hour later, there were still these two players only, playing the same map. Nobody else seemed to be able to join. It seemed they were occupying the server and forbidding any other player to play.

    The servers need the !guns and no reload infinate ammo plugin just come ask the ppl

    By bigo,

    Yo the servers need the ammo stuff the no reload infinite ammo plugin or settings plus we need the old maps on there as well the nmo objectives man come on brah .

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