Not a VIP Application

    By Dooley_labs,

    So I like playing server #5 with the Donald Trump skin and a chainsaw. Honestly, I find humor in it, but have only one issue...

    There's the meme circulating that Mr. Trump has small hands. I've also noticed that the Trump skin's hands are a broken texture.


    Is it me or is this a joke about his hands being so small that the model has to fill the empty space with broken texture?

    This is of course a joke, but is my way of reporting a glitched model skin until I discover a floating anime waifu model to use instead.

    Admin Roster cleanup

    By gnouc,

    There will be a cleanup for the admin roster, any admins that has not been involved in admin duties and/or been active (game related activities) will be placed as VIP.

    Full list of admins that will be affected will be up soon.


    By Dooley_labs,

    Yo, I'm Dooley_labs. I like to kill zombies with chainsaws. That is all.


    By Spanky,

    i intruduct i. i am spank i like vide game an choclate and phone hi 

    Discord Sync

    By Ayumi,

    Go to Link Your Discord then click link