Discord & Donation Update

    By Ayumi,

    Hi Community,

    If you have not already done so, go into your forum 'account settings' and link your forum account to your Discord communication server. This will allow Discord to display your rank in the official Shinozaki Corpse Party Community Discord server. The Community Operations stating that they recommend we do this and that in the future there will be some additional (Discord) features which will be accessible if your account has the associated admin level rank enabled.

    Here is the Discord link if you need it https://discordapp.com/invite/2KqNJxG *updated.

    P.s. before you activate the discord link in the forum "account settings" make sure to log out of Discord, then activate the link in the forum account settings after that is complete, log back into Discord. Everything worked for me and should for you too!

    Sending you good vibes, Game on.


    I has created new PayPal account just for this community only so it on donation menu now

    Hi discord

    By Ayumi,

    Hi discord


    ♠ Tristan
    By ♠ Tristan,

    Where can i apply for VIP on the forums?

    Shinozaki Administration Policy [OLD REVISION]

    By ShinozakiSupport,

    This is an old version of the policy, the revised version is LIVE, CLICK HERE to go to the updated Administration Policy.

    Shinozaki Administration Policy
    ***Rules are subject to change. New rules may be added as the need for them arises.***


    ALL ADMINS MUST FOLLOW THE SERVER RULES. Regardless of rank, whether you’re a Game admin or a Operations admin the rules must be followed! If the public players have to follow them, so do you!it will be your final warning

    Fail to abide or uphold the Shinozaki Administration Policy will result in termination or suspend depending on evidence provided

    Note: if you fail to read & sign off result will stay same 


    Rules and Guidelines for All Admins!
    ***Ignorance of these guidelines could result in the termination of your position as an admin. These rules are meant to make playing on Shinozaki Servers more fun for everyone. Admin abuse, while fun for the admin, can create a very stressful and upsetting gaming experience for standard players. We’ve gotten a few complaints about admin abuse, which could be a result of unclear guidelines for admins. With this post, we’d like to clear up any confusion admins might have about what is expected of them. ***

    • Hate Speech towards players and other admins is not acceptable. Being playfully mean to someone you are friends with is different than blatantly being rude to someone. Do not excessively use commands on random players, and do not pick fights with players. Taunting players or other admins are not going to be tolerated. Discriminating based on race, sexual orientation, religion, or identity in any sense of the word is not okay.

    -Rule of thumb, if someone’s getting hurt, what you’re doing is wrong.

    • All player and admin reports about admin abuse will be taken seriously and will be reviewed by a trustee or a titled officer. These reports, depending on the severity of the accusations can result in a temporary termination of admin position. Admin may be restored after the dispute is settled, but if the admin commits the same transgressions repeatedly, the admin may be terminated indefinitely.

    -If admin privileges are taken away temporarily, the admin in question should wait patiently without bothering any of the titled server operations, trustee, super, or head admins. Admins throwing a fit about their privileges being taken away will only be rewarded with more time lost.

    • We are a community; admins talking down to other admins will not be tolerated in any capacity. Regardless of title or spot in the chain of command, we are a community and are all here to help the players, as well as each other. Speaking down to other admins may give you a sense of power, but it tells the players that we don’t know what we’re doing. It also tells them it’s okay when admins talk down to them, and thus they would not report it. Any rude demeanour is unacceptable.
    • All admins are to be held to the same standards as stated in the regular “Server Rules” page. As per usual, any reports that admins are ignoring these rules will be read and acted upon by server operations, trustee, super, or head admin.
    • All bans will be reviewed by admins unrelated to the situation, including bans requested on actual admins. If there isn’t sufficient evidence to support and warrant a ban, the player/admin in question will be unbanned. Consequences following unwarranted banning will be decided upon by the community

    Section 1: Adminship

    Section 1.1: Trainee Admins
    have to follow the Guideline for one month period and have to sign off the guideline and sign off the thread to have access to their new toy on the servers.

    • Trainees can be promoted to Game Admin in a shorter period of time than the standard one month if a Super or Trustee admin feels that the Trainee in question knows the rules well and is a suitable candidate for a promotion.
    • Trainees need to be mindful of their actions on the website. (See details on inactivity under the next section).
    • Make sure to register on the website within a month of adminship.
    • Head admin or above will set up your access level on the servers upon the approval of your application.

    Section 1.2: Activity (new Link to reactivation)

    • Make sure you get on the website at (a minimum of) monthly intervals. Checking the forum weekly is recommended.
    • Make sure you are active before your admin expiration date; for example, if you register on 04-16-2017 you have to make sure you get on the website at least once a month. Failing to be active on the website within a month will result in your admin being temporarily stripped until you reactivate by replying with your Steam ID here.

    Section 1.2.1: On Leave
    If an admin wants to go on leave, Have to post it in the inactive forum under private area. Click 
    here to create a support ticket and simply state or explain why you going on leave or being inactive and make sure you put how long you will be gone of amount of days/weeks or months, we will know as your CoC.

    Section 1.3: Taking action upon the players from the servers
    You must warn the players first by chat before performing a kick or ban action. For example, if a player breaks a rule, you will first only give them a warning, if the player continues to break more rules, you will kick them. If the player rejoins the server and continues breaking rules after already being kicked, you will ban the player from one day to one week depending on the severity of the rule(s) broken.
    When you think a player is deserving of a permanent ban, please make a support ticket with “Ban Request” as department. Explain your reasoning behind the ban before it is finalized.  
    Ban Request 
    ***Make sure you type out the warning in chat and not over VOIP. ***

    Section 1.4: Account responsibility with admin access

    If you have someone in your house or give someone your account with admin access on our servers. It is the security breach if you let someone have your account with admin access it can be your wife,brother,son,husband etc etcs can get on our servers and admin abuse. then you will get reported by public players or another admin.

    Please let us know via discord DM / #admin_general or website PM so we can drop it to vip access.


    Section 1.5 Communication
    Make sure to be active on the forum and talk to other higher up admins and especially Server Operation Admins if you have any issues or complaints against your fellow admins
    If you don’t feel comfortable filing a public complaint, you may send a private message to General Manager, CAO or Trustee admins; It’s suggested that you tag all operation admins in your message so we can have a conversation with you and easily solve the issue as a team.

    A) Private Message via the website. How to use Private message system? Click me. Add names of admins you want to send the private message to, or the name of the group of admins. (Ex. Community Operation)
    B) Support Page. Report an issue

    Section 1.5.1: Chain of Command
    Make sure you report your issue by following the proper CoC, otherwise your issue may not be solved.

    Read this post and make sure you understand it before signing off. If you have not signed off CoC, please do so.

    Section 1.5.2: Reporting an issue
    If you have complaints or issue with another admin.
    Please submit a ticket on Support page as Report an issue. fill the details in or sent PM/DM Website


    Section 1.6 Promotion

    Section 1.6.1. Trainee Promotion
    While you are a trainee, you will automatically be promoted within an month by anyone authorized to do so. You will be promoted to Game admin, Head admin, or above.
    Section 1.6.2 Promotion processor

    **How this all works: a promotion paper trail will go through General Manager’s approval or Trustee admin’s approval or Operations’ approval (i.e CEO, COO, CIO or CSO) who will then set up your new level/access on the websites and sourcebans. ** Make sure you send a private message or post it on promotion forum that you are promotion someone see below Section 1.6.3 Admin level and who able to promote.

    Section 1.6.3 Admin level and promotions authorizes
    The structure of Access Levels:
    VIP is promoted to Trainee/Game admin (Head Servers operation's approval)
    Trainee is promoted to Game Admin (Head Servers operation's approval)
    Game admin is promoted to Head Admin (Head Servers operation's approval)
    Head admin promoted to Trustee (GM + CAO's Approval)

    • All Server Operation Titles have been fulfilled. Be aware an admin of a lower level can be promoted up several levels if an admin of the rank responsible deems said lower admin to be capable of taking on the new role. (For example a Game Admin could be made Super if they were deemed the highest ranking admin responsible enough according to a Trustee + admin).

    Section 1.6.4 Earning Promotion
    Stay active on the forums and servers, follow the rules, and treat players and your fellow admins kindly.
    Becoming a Trustee is a different process:
    Although generally all Trustee positions are filled, occasionally there is an open spot. This is dealt with strictly by the General Manager and Chief Administrative Officer’s approval; to choose a valid candidate for Trustee positions.
    Promotions past Game admin are based on activity, your success as an admin, and your ability to solve conflicts and deal with players well. Many of the higher up promotions will go through your lovey General Manager (GM) or Chief Administrator Officer (CAO) or Trustee admins.

    Section 2: Admin usage

    Section 2.1: Pub's Request

    Public Player Request

    If player requests for you to cease any unneeded admin abilities (Drugs, Noclip, ext) please do so immediately, remember our powers are here to help people not annoy them and ruin their game play or they will complain to us that you are using it.

    Section 2.2 Rcon Usage
    Rcon password was restricted to be only Super admin or above of good while. Only reason it was released to all admin level if Sourceban or Sourcemod going down for any meantime causing all admin doesn’t have admin power while outage going on. Use it only if sourcemod / sourceban is down, how to check it if there any announcement from Community operations or ask General Manager.

    Section 2.2.1: Console
    Please be more professional on SAT/HLSW or Provider's backend such as no swearing or arguing with the pubs. Try to Solve the issue not make more.

    Section 3: Leadership

    Section 3.1: Open Door Policy
    Keep it in mind, some of your leadership will have open door policy where you can ask them any question/problem. such as GM, CAO, COO, CIO, CEO or CSO.

    Section 4: Lifetime Program
    Community deserves right to remain part of the family as they follow our admin 101: Operations accepts all real life need and commitments. Community Will not put any member into decision between real life success and operations.

    Lifetime Benefits:
    Admin will be kept as game admin
    No longer be effect about inactivity
    Keep Moderator rights on the website.
    Only two people to report while being on lifetime if you want to go active admin. (CEO and COO)

    Lifetime membership requirement:
    Admin must be in Best standing with the community.
    Admin Must be in Super admin or above
    Require a sponsor from joint or community operation.
    Submit a formal proposal to the Rest of joint operation
    A.Short biography of the member his or her accomplishments in community
    b. 2 letters of recommendation from Joint Operations member
    c. call for vote to allow to the admin to achieve lifetime adminship from Head Server operation voting process

    If all of these requirements are met. Admin is to be considered approved for a lifetime membership. Upon approval, the proposal will become a permanent record of this admin’s accomplishments and contributions to the community, and will be stored by the current website operation (CIO / CSO).

    Automatic lifetime membership approval:
    There are 2 miliestones an admin can achieve that automatically approve the member for lifetime membership:
    The member completes a full1 year term as the Community operation position (CEO/COO/CIO/CAO/GM/CSO)
    The member has been active member of Joint operation position (Trustee) for more than 2 years.
    Even if a member achieves the milestone allowing him or her to automatically achieve Lifetime membership, the sponsor proposal should still be completed to maintain a record of the member’s accomplishments. The proposal does not require a vote as the Lifetime Membership was automatically

    If you have read this document in its entirety and agree, please sign off with your SteamID (Steam ID, Profileurl, Steam 64 ID, Steam ID 3, or Profile ID). Signing off with your SteamID will mean you agree to all terms stated within (whether or not you read them completely) and should you break these rules, your privileges will be revoked at the will of any Operations admins.

    Section 4: Awards
    We have community awards on our website if you deserve to have it and you met the requirement, please sent PM to us we can award it of you.
    Award Page

    these come in in six different categories, which decide who can award them

    Class 1000 - Community Operations Vote (All position vote)
    Class 2000 - President/vice President's award
    Class 3000 - CEO/COO's Award
    Class 4000 - Community operation's award

    Class 5000- Head servers operation's award
    Class 6000 - Shinozaki Fun-achievement awards

    Members can be nominated for citations by staff that are not in class need but for the citation to go through a member's of the awarding class must approve it.

    Server Rules
    1. Have fun!
    2. Are there annoying players on the server? feel free to do votekick, ban, gag, silence, mute
    3. No Racism! (this includes player names)
    4. Do not be Disrespectful towards players and Admins
    5. No Harassment of any sort - ex. sexual, racial and etc.
    6. VIP and Admins have reservedslot, immunity to Gamevote's plugin, no restriction on gun menu.
    7. If you see admin abuse, Please PM Head Admin or above on the website 
    8. Apply to be a VIP/Admin at http://shinozaki.invisionzone.com
    9. Use !token to respawn for Survival Maps (Does not work on Objective Maps)

    Please visit 
    Check out  admin roster the just click on admin roster it will direct you the admin roster's thread

    Sourcebans update

    By Ayumi,

    We going to update our SB from 1.5.7 to 1.6.2 it doesn't make any difference right now. so Mostly of Admin/VIP should be intacted

    It may revoke your admin while we are doing this major maintenance on the server. we will expect our trustee admin to admin the servers until this is done. 

    When you see the announcement get removed that mean it is done.