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  3. it happen to me alot. i think servers keep up to date that i can think for
  4. Good day , when i enter any server i always download some files which was already downloaded upon entering the server once i believe.i really want to play and can you suggest anything about this coz it’s bugging me out. maybe a link to some files will help thanks.
  5. Glad to have you with us man, personally I'm mainly waiting for NMRIH 2, but I do play NMRIH spiratically.
  6. Hi, my name is Will but my in game name is HugeBoiV2. I'm new to this community and would like to get to know the community, I have already met iturtleCrit and he seems pretty cool, I would like to get to know more people too! Have a good day!
  7. We may be planned to remove this plugin to replace this near future.
  8. we are aware what is going on with dif plugin and making zombies are all runners, if you guys want zombies to be normal please ping or PM @Trustee Admin or @Community Operation they will restart the server of you
  9. i have limit access with internet. other people may do it who knows. I will be back by Wednesday
  10. Hello, I am Sesirith. Some also know me as "Lord Sesirith", as it was my name prior. But, I have had at least the latter part for over 12 years. I am a huge nerd (pretty much into most things you can think of) and I love it. I like to be a very chill and funny guy, I am also a very logical and realistic person. I'll tell you how it is. As for personal, the most I'll admit in a post is that I live with roommates and I am single(big surprise). I have enjoyed my time in the servers because I was having trouble with achievements and it has the perfect environment for me to complete them. I hope to
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