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Hello everybody! I am just making this post in case any Admins or Players feel like they are being disconnected from our servers. Just know, you aren't. Chances are, you might be missing the map.

If something like this pops out, YOU ARE MISSING THE MAP! Click image for larger version

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If you are missing the map, do not freak out like I did. The solution is pretty simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Download the missing map or maps on these websites: or
  • Find the folder in which you downloaded your map. It can be in your Documents Folder, Music Folder, Downloads Folder, vise versa. Where ever it may be in this case.
  • After finding your downloaded map in your folder, where ever it may be, you would need to extract the files. If you don't have a program that can help you with it, find one. I use WinRaR. Ill link WinRaR for those who might want it here: (This is just the website I use for my download. If you feel that it is not credible, be my guest and find a new one.)
  • Extract your map
    • Right click and there should be a line that says "Extract Here"
    • Click it
    • Leave your extracted files there
  • Open up your Map folder for NMRiH. (If you don't know how to do this, Its in the bullet points below)
    • Go onto your Steam
    • Click Library
    • Right click on No More Room in Hell
    • Go all the way down to Properties and click it
    • Another window should open up (Dont freak out about it, lol)
    • Click Local Files-----> Browse Local Files (Another window should open up)
    • Open up the folder that says "nmrih" instead of the "sdk"
    • Find the folder that says "Maps" and open it (You have opened your maps folder for nmrih. You deserve a cookie! lol)
  • Go back to the folder with your EXTRACTED MAP and drag it into the NMRiH Maps folder

There you go! You just placed the missing map into maps folder and now you can play the map on servers without issues. Please do keep in mind that some maps will NOT WORK with our servers. Charlie has made an official Broken Maps forum for those who need to be informed on the maps that can crash the servers and what not. The link is below:

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