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I uploaded 

  1. nmo_galleria_v11
  2. nmo_hard_time_0802
  3. nmo_miner_detour_v3
  4. nmo_throwback
  5. nmo_underground_v1
  6. nmo_urbanhazard_v5
  7. nms_camilla_v3_1
  8. nms_foxstreet
  9. nms_protect_your_home_v3
  10. nmo_gmi_hunt_ep3_v2

It in process working to be on FASTDL

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On 4/3/2017 at 2:01 AM, DarthSweezy said:

nmo_boardwalk_v3 ...added

nmo_asylum_halloween  ....added

nmo_cold_black_b004   ....added

nmo_genex   ...added

nmo_oc_walking_dead   ...added

nmo_penitentiary_v1   ...added

nmo_panel_0-1-2    ...added, server 3 only realism

nmo_search_a1   ...added

nmo_subside_v5    ...added

My additions
nmo_bad_gas_3009, sequel to nmo_anxiety ---- in map rotation

nmo_bn3r_v1 and v1_easy...only on server 1



nmo_greendale_alpha5 - Darth's suggestion, dont blame me for alpha. lol









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