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  • Senate President Pro Tempore

Hello everyone,

My name is Wardz, but you might know me as that dude who's bugging everybody or working on servers...sometimes.

This is to inform you of the new positions in Community Operations.

Effective immediately as per our discussion on April 13 (late at night cause we are busy people) we have promoted as following:


  • Roxas                                                                                   CAO (Chief Administrative Officer)
  • Normanthebeast (xXLordNoobXx)                                 GM (General Manager)
  • Battletitan77 (Savage_tha_Clown)                                  CSO (Chief Security Officer) watch your ass people, he will go after you if we get reports of admin abuse etc.
  • DarthSweezy (Darth Sidious)                                          Hybrid position, part of Community Operations, able to take part in CO votes and working in conjunction with myself on maps etc.

As you all know,

Ayumi and Spiker have moved to President/Vice President positions. Meaning we do not bother them unless there are major problems. (Still able to make and override any decisions).

M.C. (Mrs. Yeun) is our new CEO (Chief Executive Officer) in charge of all the things happening on Shinozaki servers.

TheWardz (yes I can talk in 3rd person, so can you) is our new COO ( Chief Operation Officer) meaning he will be working on servers to make it a more pleasant experience for players and admins alike with help from Darth.


More updates will follow, including  any changes and an updated CoC flowchart with detailed explanations of roles and responsibilities.

That being said, I'll leave you with this:


Image result for have a good day

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