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It's kind of fun in its own way, but it also loses a lot, I think.  However from a technical standpoint, it seems to run fine; The admins are doing an excellent job optimizing it and such.  These are just my opinions, but~



-Great for 'jump in and go' playing, if you only have a short time

-Fun on maps with huge waves; Could lead to entirely new kinds of maps being made specifically in that spirit

-Makes lesser used weapons a little easier, probably good for tackling achievements with weapons you're not good with or don't like

-Makes the game challenging in novel ways, such as learning how to shoot to take down groups that would be impossible with normal ammo or even unlimited with reloads;  This could extend the playability of the game.



-Might lag players with weaker connections or computers.  I didn't experience any lag until it got very extreme such as rapidfire flare gun, but iTips said that was a decal issue and that he'd be playing with that so that will likely end up being fixed.

-Potentially makes most established maps easy to the point of being boring, not requiring aim due to the lack of need to account for reload time, however as i said above this could be mitigated by increasing the number of waves, size of waves, or both.

-Potentially reduces the weapon choices for the most part to SMGs and burst fire guns, which could exacerbate the lag issue for users with weaker connections and hardware and make a bottomless server unplayable for them (However please take into account that I know nothing about coding or the mechanical workings of games or software in general)

-Friendly fire could be an absolute nightmare with how this encourages reckless shooting.  Depending on your point of view this could either be a pain or be a new kind of fun and encourage people to make some very over-the-top mods.


All in all, I don't think it's bad, but I don't think it's great either.  A mixed bag like anything else, there will be people who hate it and those who love it.  But hopefully it's easy to see it from both sides.. As a suggestion, perhaps examine the possibility of restricting/changing the weapons selection.  Maybe make it no medkits/pills/gene therapy?  Maybe make it single fire weapons only?  The exploding zombies on Hell's Gate were a lot of fun with the bottomless clip since you had to be careful to strafe for your life with the hail of bullets flying around, so maybe adding them to maps on a bottomless server?


Regardless, good work on the whole thing.  It's certainly interesting, to say the least.

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Cyco or sethgrad we aren't gonna change that just because if you, because you think it's okay to kill others, matter fact you know it is against the rules its griefing and you got banned for it because you're so close minded and you only ever think about your self.

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