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We introduction PSC program to the community, we move the application into support desk portal.

What is PSC?
PSC Member will include game or head admins, whoever wants to apply. PSC will have the ability to approve/deny all application, i.e. VIP or Admin; they also help applicants to go through process of what they are applying for.
What is their responsibility within community?
1. Provide training to Applicant(s) (Admin only)
2. Responsible for new adminship process duties 3. Support, protect and uphold admin 101
4. Assist Applicant(s) through the process step
Who is their leading officer?
Chief Security Officer & General Manager
How long will the Trainee Admin be with their PSC member?
Until they get promoted
What permission they have as PSC?
They can accept/deny any application with any reason. If CSO & GM says something different. They will have access to edit member(s) on the website and SB. They will be given special group to be able to do aforementioned roles/duties.
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