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Hello Admins,

I feel like there are things I should be addressing with you all in terms
of how everything works around here in case you guys need a reminder.

First off, Sourcebans. I understand that there are times where you guys
will have to ban a player for disruptive gameplay, but there should be no
reason as to why a player is going to be ban for a week or permanent
banned. Before a player is going to be banned for such length, it should be
approved through forums first. Here are some things you guys should do for
Sourcebans. Down below are the list:

1. No player should be banned for more than an hour

2. Before a ban becomes days, weeks, or permanent, it
should be APPROVED by a Joint or Operation member

3. Comment on why your ban was given to the player
(If you fail to do so, I will personally delete your ban, therefore,
if the player appeals your ban, YOU will be in trouble instead.)

4. Banning another admin will get you in trouble! You will
have to speak with your CIO, GM, and CSO about this. IDC!

(All three people not just one of them)

5. Another admin's powers should not be touched without
informing your CIO of it

(This means stripping of powers and etc.
Only exception is
CEO, COO, or CIO making changes!)

Please make sure you abide by these rules for when you are
touching Sourcebans. It is really important that SB is not to be
messed with without approval of Operation and Joint Op.

Lastly, make sure you are being active on forums and servers.

Dont just hide behind Console. Its not fun trying to figure out who
is on
console and at times, there are more than one person on the
console. I am no longer taking any bans from those who are going
to constantly be on
console unless the player is actually doing some
harm to the players or servers, those are the only exceptions. For
forums, make sure you are active. You do not have to read through
everything but please make sure you look at the important things that
do come up once in a while. There is a reason why we have this website!
For inactive admins that I messaged, please make sure you are active
by the 10th of October. I will be checking. If anyone has any questions in
regards to inactivity, forums, servers, Sourcebans, and other unrelated or
related matters, please message me. You are always welcome to come to
me with anything. We do have an open door policy on the forums. smile.png

Have a nice day and thank you for reading!

*Btw, The reason why this is being posted is because
Wardz and I have done our fair share of constantly reminding some admins about comments and we have also noticed inactivity from some. Oh yeah, I also made changes to admins on SB and forums. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, please message me and I will make that change for you.*

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