I am applying for admin

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Hello today is a nice day but that just isn't that main subject. I have been staff on many game many times around 30 in fact. I take rules very much seriously and if there is a fight at any given moment i would first brake up the fight then after try and find a way to solve the problem of course if things got to far out of hand before i could talk action warning would have to take place. i can be strict if i need to and i can be nice as well i have had long over 2 1/2 years of staff experience 

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P.S if there was a Format i was meant to fallow it was not able to be found

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Hello @Oli
         Go here to create a formal admin application: http://shinozaki.invisionzone.com/support/ 

        After you click the link, it will forward you to a webpage where you can create support request, click on "New Request" and it will show you options for which department you want to create support request for.

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