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Good afternoon everyone.

It has come to Ayumi and myself's attention the amount of inactive administrators we have on our roster as well as the, and I will put this blankly, useless administrative roles we have in our community.

In response to this we have agreed on some changes to the administrative roster as well as positions.

They are as follows:

[Position Switches]
Chief Administrative Officer: Role has been switched from Charliehorse to MC
Chief Security Officer: Role is now vacant

[Position Removals]
Joint operation officer: Role has been removed
Server administration: Role has been removed
Social Media Administrator: Role has been removed
Chief Information Officer: Role has been Shelved

Other administrative changes:

[Lifetime Changes]
Charliehorse > Lifetime
theWardz > Lifetime
Battletitan > Lifetime

[Trustee Changes]
Sweetheart> Trustee
Normanthebeast> Trustee

[Inactive Admin Changes]
Scrinnod > Inactive
Verkham > inactive
Danipips > Inactive
Muserato > Inactive
IndominusRex > inactive
Mr.> Inactive
DankEngine > Inactive
[SCP]MrSnowBall > Inactive
SpAzArDous > Inactive
TheCrushedPixel > Inactive
Dood71 > Inactive
Sandwitch > Inactive
Ramsie > Inactive


These are the changes that were decided upon. All changes have already been enacted and put into place.

All now inactive admins, you have 2 weeks to contact Ayumi, myself, or Roxas to discuss your reason(s) for inactivity and for the possibility of gaining a rank back, to be decided upon by the upper staff.

Thank you for your time,


Ayumi Shinozaki,

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