Server Rules


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Server Rules

  1. Have fun!
  2. Be respectful towards other players and Admins.
  3. Are there trolls, annoying or game ruining players? Use the voting commands to deal with them if no admins are online.
  4. Use !calladmin only when necessary, and admins will be notified. DO NOT ABUSE this feature or you will be removed from the server.
  5. NO Hacking, cheating, or exploiting bugs.
  6. NO discrimination (such as racism, sexism, etc.). This includes the use of excessive remarks and inappropriate player names.
  7. NO harassment of any sort.
  8. VIPs and Admins have access to the command menu. Please use it responsibly.
  9. If you see admin or VIP abuse, please contact a Head Admin or above, or submit a support ticket on the website here
  10. Apply to be a VIP/Admin at
  11. Use !token to respawn for Survival Maps (does not work on objective maps)
  12. DO NOT ABUSE Autoclicker or rapid fire.
  13. Voting commands:
    • !votekick - Start a vote to kick a player
    • !voteban - Start a vote to ban a player for 30 minutes
    • !votemute - Start a vote to prevent a player from using voice chat
    • !votesilence - Start a vote to prevent a player from using text chat and voice chat

Please visit
Check out the  just click on admin roster it will direct you the admin roster's thread

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