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  1. Dear people of the Democratic Republic of Shinozaki, I bear to you amazeballs news!!!! After a lot of careful consideration (about 5 min or so) we have decided to promote a few people. Without further ado, I gladly present you thee: Mr. Darth Is going to be your new CAO! As Chief Administration Officer, he will administer a punch to you if you misbehave. Or drugs, I don't know his side business. Congrats dude. Firefox(BWTFN) still don't know what that means btw, will be our CHROME officer...Ahem sorry, I mean CSO. As Chief Security Officer she will be after your ass so you better watch your donkey with 2 pairs of glasses or else... Congratiumalations In the Trustee category we have 4 lucky winners: Aries, Elise, Exnobazzel and Verkham have won a standing ovation in the line of duty (and fire) Congrats to all of you. From Game Admin, AntiRix and General LT are moving up to Head Admin, they probably give good head .... I don't know we'll have to ask them. Congrats dudes. Last but not least, our Trainee Admin is getting his full Admin Rights in the Game Admin category. Welcome everybody JJDIDNT! You all are winners, and it's been a pleasure working with you. Cheers and many more victorious wins in the future. Now all jokes aside, let's get down to the gritty business: I'd like to remind you to take a look at your duties by rereading the chain of command. That's all folks, Your bubbly CO, Wardzy
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