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  1. i will look at it later of the day. mostly of staff currently out of town or offline busy due of summer in US
  2. it happen to me alot. i think servers keep up to date that i can think for
  3. We may be planned to remove this plugin to replace this near future.
  4. we are aware what is going on with dif plugin and making zombies are all runners, if you guys want zombies to be normal please ping or PM @Trustee Admin or @Community Operation they will restart the server of you
  5. i have limit access with internet. other people may do it who knows. I will be back by Wednesday
  6. use our support page and find department, fill out the application. you may need make an account with website before processing
  7. tomorrow i will look at it. stuff at house and family coming down
  8. i will look at it until janurary.
  9. been busy past days. i haven't check yet but i will soon unless someone did
  10. ok, i probaby will look at it tomorrow
  11. okay, one of us will look at your application soon as possible. mostly of us has been busy