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    Free VIP giveaway

    Ask your friendly Admins to get their VIP's slots
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    Community Birthday

    Community Birthday
  3. feb 25 this is more updated than this post
  4. we haven't update this for long long time LOL we use this mostly http://shinozaki.invisionzone.com/staff/
  5. VIP chats command should work on all shinozaki servers. hmm we do have a problem with that menu, i wasn't the one put it up while we were developing the servers
  6. https://store.steampowered.com/app/424030/War_of_Rights/
  7. it is american civil war game called war of rights
  8. i got lazy lately and htere like 4 pending application i may look at it today or tonight
  9. How to Download that stuff we provide to the servers? Click the links below and it will download it of you. they are around 1gb or above Skin Only (1.3gb) Maps Only (5.6 gb) Community Pack (6.9 gb)
  10. depend what games. we just play any games
  11. Jac & Galactus Arctus I can see through screenshots that you prvode, do you know the third person? we can perm ban them for griefing.
  12. Sorry for late xmas. We are currently working on our own servers make sure plugins are updated. we are aware of skins are purple or whatever to other players,plugins not workings etc etcs. we are upgrading that. Time of completion still unknown. it very few ppl working on it thanks
  13. okay, we will keep watching about them if they do it again on you and your friends both have been connected to the servers about 39-129 times. our discord https://discord.me/scpp
  14. are they been doing this? we are more happy ban them for Trolling
  15. Happy Thanksgiving
  16. we moved you to inactive since july 26 on this year. let us know if you are ready
  17. we have you set as inactive admin. I don't remember what reason of your inactive status.
  18. you can do /getcode from chat to get codes
  19. Good news! Version 4.3.4 of Invision Community is now available. Added a filter to view members that have opt-in for bulk mail in the ACP, and an option to opt-out those members Bug fixes Also included: 4.3.3 New features for GDPR compliance: New feature for administrators to download an XML file of all personal information held. New setting to automatically prune IP address records. New option when deleting a member to anonymize content submitted by them. New setting to automatically add links to privacy policies
  20. you can use our redirect link and look for what skins you want to dl.
  21. DL this http://ayumivds.site.nfoservers.com/server/Skin pack.zip unpack it and copy it to steamapps\common\nmrih\nmrih. reply if you have question. i will try to answer them