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  1. Go to Link Your Discord then click link
  2. Hi Community, If you have not already done so, go into your forum 'account settings' and link your forum account to your Discord communication server. This will allow Discord to display your rank in the official Shinozaki Corpse Party Community Discord server. The Community Operations stating that they recommend we do this and that in the future there will be some additional (Discord) features which will be accessible if your account has the associated admin level rank enabled. Here is the Discord link if you need it https://discordapp.com/invite/2KqNJxG *updated. P.s. before yo
  3. We going to update our SB from 1.5.7 to 1.6.2 it doesn't make any difference right now. so Mostly of Admin/VIP should be intacted It may revoke your admin while we are doing this major maintenance on the server. we will expect our trustee admin to admin the servers until this is done. When you see the announcement get removed that mean it is done.
  4. nmo_facility_b2 nmo_fersmas nmo_khafre_v2 nmo_outbreak_0101 nmo_parish_a2 nmo_vertigo_v10
  5. You can send in an application for VIP via the Support section of the website, a PSC or staff member will get back to you as soon as possible, please be patient as we have other matters to attend to as well.
  6. Ask anyone who have Admincp and movement permission to change your permission. Working
  7. Head Admin to Trustee admin iTurtleCrit Rix Game Admin to Head Admin FireProne AlphaBlaze SirLlama Siyeon Trainee admin to Game Admin Ghostzero_07 Mlippy luvmangos brandon Mason Kenneth11
  8. for now max payne and lara croft isnt working.
  9. All new maps is now uploaded and working on the servers same as skins.
  10. we have 5 pending application also. PSC staff is working and will look at your application soon
  11. PSC member is currently looking to it soon as possible. if you don't get response usually 48-72 hours, shoot me an pm
  12. Nov 29 2017 12:30:14 AM PT Between approximately 3am and 6am CST on Thursday, 11/30, we will be moving our routers and aggregation switch to a different cabinet in the datacenter. We will be doing this very carefully and as efficiently as possible. We anticipate between 30 and 120 minutes of connectivity loss during the maintenance window because of the change.
  13. Subject and date Description Upcoming downtime with power cycle early on 11/27 due to cabinet migration Nov 24 2017 01:04:26 AM PT Our facilities provider in Chicago, Internap, is requiring that we move several cabinets' worth of gear in this facility over to new cabinets. We have been planning these moves for the last month and coordinating with Internap to try to make them as smooth as possible. We have done such moves successfully many times in the past. The moves are set to occur over the course of several mornings (we are doing them early in the morning to min
  14. Application (359 visits to this link) Use Admin/VIP as department to do your application 1. Click on New Request 2. Dropdown box 3. Select VIP/Admin 4. Fill it out. 5. Admins will review it.
  15. you have to submit an application. i dont see your application in our system.
  16. it goes all of our servers once it get approved.
  17. someone will look into your application soon.
  18. Ayumi


    someone will look into your application soon.
  19. maybe not too late. but unlimited ammo sound like reloading etcs.