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  1. PSC members are looking into your application. be patient
  2. Shinozaki Corpse Party COPPA Consent Form Dear parent/legal guardian, In order to process the child's registration at Shinozaki Corpse Party, please complete this form and email it to us. The account password will be mailed to the child's email address given below. Child's name: Child's email: I understand that I may consent to the collection of necessary information about my child without permitting the site to disclose such information to third parties. I understand that the profile information may be changed by entering a p
  3. If you have anyone under coppa requirement age on our website. just fill it out and email it to us we will create the account and email it to you directly.. Under 13 or younger. if you lie to your birthday and underage, while signing up it will be your responsibility send it to this email shinozakicorpsepartyayumi@gmail.com
  4. Upcoming downtime due to move early 10/24 Oct 22 2017 12:34:52 AM PT Between midnight and 8am PDT on Tuesday, October 24, we plan to move the VDS hosting your website to different, faster physical hardware so that we can decommission the old machine it is currently on. We expect for this move to take up to 5 hours to perform (though in most cases, it should be much less). During the move, your webspace will not be reachable.
  5. Ayumi

    halloween event

    halloween event
  6. Hello, How is our community treating you as VIP or admin? is it good or bad or something we need to be improved on things There a poll you can vote on the poll. If you want to give out feedback or suggestion feel free to reply
  7. added restart vote via call vote menu
  8. still working with Der vampire to bring that features to us. Work and my communication with der is will be hard to get together and work on it.
  9. Server update: nmo_broadwalk_rc nmo_galleria_V13 nmo_gm_bigcity_allout2 nmo_shelter_subterranean_a1 nmo_vertigo_v9
  10. Hello, Community Keep the good job on the server and have fun
  11. Ayumi

    4.2 update

    read this for site update. https://invisioncommunity.com/news/invision-community-42-r1030/
  12. How to apply to be VIP/Admin Use Admin/VIP as department to do your application1. Click on New Request2. Dropdown box3. Select VIP/Admin4. Fill it out.5. Admins will review it.
  13. Server box is going to upgrade today, It has started at 4:47 am CST It will take about 57 - 138 minutes to Provider to finish upgrade the server box. all servers will be down during this time.
  14. the majority of supplies drop from helicopter causing it. which is part of the map.
  15. Good Luck with near future.
  16. I have added account security enabled for everyone if you really want to use it. How to do it? Click on your name - Account Setting - Account Security It may ask your password to enable or opt in etcs.
  17. general discussion is fine for this thread.