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    Please send all new admins my (M.C.) way for Saturday. We are holding admin training on No More Room in Hell. If you are not able to make it, please find another time to reschedule with either me or anyone who holds position as a HSO or Operations. Also, please message me on why you are not able to make it. This is mandatory. If any higher ups would like to join, it would be really much appreciated. Training will be SATURDAY at 3PM CDT! Join the server that I am in! Thank you and have a nice day! make sure you guys RSVP so we know how many of you are coming.
  2. Only thing i will use high amount of usuage on the server is unloading and common weapon with same ammo
  3. What different on #6 server vanilla? Weapon menu no unlimited ammo increase of maps choice Currently testing Give feedback or suggestion
  4. What the Pistol server have right now: any pistol 2 melee weapon all medical all Tools including flare gun all Explosive All maps that we host on the servers Objective and Survival Map with other weapons, they are allowed to be picked up and use against the zombies. Give us feedback and suggestion for this server.
  5. Map code 1 code 2 code 3 code 4 code 5 code 6 code 7 code 8 code 9 code 10 Broadway 9247 1854 6532 Cabin 9247 Northway 7175 0592 5971 2105 3647 Lakeside 7175 3647 2105 0592 Time Square 5574 notld 1968 Hershel's Farm
  6. weapon menu 08-20-2015, 04:49 PM new // "Weapon #" // { // "display_name" "" //This is the display-name of the weapons inside the menu. // "entity_name" "" //This is the weapon-name of fhe weapon (example: fa_sv10 (Beretta SV10). // "entity_category" "" //This is the entity_category of the weapon (Primary, secondary, or tool). // } "Weapons" { // Pistols "0" { "display_name" "Colt
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  9. Go to Support, and create new - select Returning admin just answer that single question
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    Version 3.1.19


  11. Be advised we are wiping all admins who have a inactive tab on their names If you were removed as a admin it is because the server listed you as inactive before we turned off the system for it. Please make a re-application and include that you were a former admin. Thank you for your time -Authorized by Spiker -Signed GM Roxas
  12. Good afternoon everyone. It has come to Ayumi and myself's attention the amount of inactive administrators we have on our roster as well as the, and I will put this blankly, useless administrative roles we have in our community. In response to this we have agreed on some changes to the administrative roster as well as positions. They are as follows: [Position Switches] Chief Administrative Officer: Role has been switched from Charliehorse to MC Chief Security Officer: Role is now vacant [Position Removals] Joint operation officer: Role has been removed Server administration: Role has
  13. it is using Built-in Support Desk. When you guys submit your application of VIP or admin. It will sent email to us or you can sent pm to any JCO member to review it. We will sent a reply on the your request on site which it will sent email and notification to you that it has been replyed
  14. Ban Request Use Ban/Unban Request as department to do your application 1. Click on New Request 2. Dropdown box 3. Select Ban/Unban Request 4. Fill it out. 5. Admins will review it
  15. Use Admin/VIP as department to do your application 1. Click on New Request 2. Dropdown box 3. Select VIP/Admin 4. Fill it out. 5. Admins will review it.
  16. Click on Application Use Admin/VIP as department to do your application 1. Click on New Request 2. Dropdown box 3. Select VIP/Admin 4. Fill it out. 5. Admins will review it.
  17. Please remember to always put down a comment for your bans. It is crucial that we are informed of a brief summary of what happened. I should NOT be seeing any bans that last longer than 30 mins to 1 day of banning a player. Unless the player is threatening to hack or cause harm to the server and the community, I should not be seeing such long ban length. With that being said, less activity onconsole and more activity ingame, please. Sometimes we do not know things unless we are in game to experience issues. Another thing is that, sometimes, when an admin is onconsole, you come of