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  1. Hello Admins, I feel like there are things I should be addressing with you all in terms of how everything works around here in case you guys need a reminder. First off, Sourcebans. I understand that there are times where you guys will have to ban a player for disruptive gameplay, but there should be no reason as to why a player is going to be ban for a week or permanent banned. Before a player is going to be banned for such length, it should be approved through forums first. Here are some things you guys should do for Sourcebans. Down below are the list: 1. No player should
  2. information About Broken Maps 07-30-2015, 01:07 AM Information for all Admins and Players: When voting on a map (Players), or when choosing a map (Admins), keep in mind that only the following maps have been tested and proven to work: Achievement, Bar, Broadway, Brooklyn, Cabin, Camp Blood, Campfire, Canal, Chinatown Cinema, Cleopas, End of the Line, Evil Dead Cabin, Favela, Fema, Flooded, Grave Encounters, Hellgate, Hershel’s Farm, Hospitality, Ice World, Isolated, Junction, Lakeside, Mall of Decay, Midwest, NOTLD, Northway, Operation Halloween, Ransack,
  3. If you are going to ban or gag/mute anyone through the console, please make sure to make a comment of your ban. It gets really confusing to know who banned what player if we do not know. So, if you do ban a player/mute them through the console, please make a comment of why there is a ban and who banned/muted the player. Thank you!CIO, M.C. <3
  4. Steam ID Finder 08-08-2016, 12:45 AM If you are going to look for your Steam ID, please make sure it is correct. I am looking at all the admins who are registered in Sourcebans and some of you have incorrect Steam ID's. Please use any Steam ID finders, do not use steamidfinder.com.
  5. Hello everybody! I am just making this post in case any Admins or Players feel like they are being disconnected from our servers. Just know, you aren't. Chances are, you might be missing the map.If something like this pops out, YOU ARE MISSING THE MAP! If you are missing the map, do not freak out like I did. The solution is pretty simple. Just follow these steps: Download the missing map or maps on these websites: http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/foru...p?showforum=65 or http://nmrih.gamebanana.com/maps Find the folder in which you downloaded your map. It can be in your Documents Fo