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  1. Key Changes Version 4.4.6 is a maintenance update to fix issues reported since 4.4.5. Additional Information Security Fixed an issue where a malicious user may be able to identify the full path to a file uploaded to a custom field. Core Added support for MySQL 8. Improved security headers on error pages. Changed the "Who follows this" page to instruct bots not to index the page for SEO purposes. Moved the Club Members Box to the sidebar when the club information are shown in the sidebar. Fixed an error visiting th
  2. Colored Name/ Chat plugin is available in servers, Enjoy!
  3. When someone is representing community in a wrong way, they do not deserve to be in our community. That being said, action was taken. In this case they have been removed as admin permanently. Reasons for Removal: 1) Both were disrespectful 2) Both were given multiple warnings and yet they did not stop imitating each other and causing nuisance in Discord and in-game 3) Not following Chain of Command. 4) Inappropriate Language. 5) Bae Claps was clearly using commands whenever he wanted on whoever he wanted to without taking consent from players.
  4. Hello @Oli Go here to create a formal admin application: After you click the link, it will forward you to a webpage where you can create support request, click on "New Request" and it will show you options for which department you want to create support request for.
  5. Sorry if this post is a bit late, but I believe you guys should know about this. iTips was banned from this community due to threatening a few admins. He was also a bit too nice to a few people just to use them for his own sake. His threats included death threats. I will not be disclosing the names of who were threatened / who he wanted to use for his own sake. I am not forcing you to, but I highly recommend that you unfriend / block him everywhere so that he will not bully others by using you. We do not want bullies like him to hurt our community. Now
  6. As you might have seen on the main page on Forums! We have set up a new awards system that is awarded to you based on your accomplishments in the community. Few awards are basically automatic and few are hard to get. Show what you can do to earn them and we shall award it to you to show respect and honor towards you You can check out possible awards here. Post below if you think you deserve one of the awards. You must write the award name and reason . Lets get us awards for our achievements!
  7. This is your chain you command that you are required to follow as an Admin. Effective since May 06, 2017
  8. The poll is now Closed. The results suggests we try new CoC with slight more modifications to positions to better understand responsibilities. Expect that to come out shortly
  9. If you would like, ask an admin to train you or you can ask us in discord
  10. New CoC More detailed Version of New CoC: Old CoC: