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  1. Good Evening. 

    After long time of period of service I will be resigning as CAO.

    I find my establishment of myself as Lifetime admin against my personal views as well as the general direction of the server for the past couple of months.

    As CAO I have also found my job to be lackluster as well as inefficient due to circumstances of what it entailed, and thus led to my inactivity as I felt I could no longer be able to preform the duties given to me due to certain people and circumstances.

    That being said I cannot say where the community in the future will go however I find that it is not optimistic and found that it is within my best interests along with my reasoning to resign from the position and admining for Shinozaki entirely.

     I wish you all best of luck as you continue with your duties and jobs. I will be working with other companies possibly competitors with shinozaki and thus depart with only best wishes for the community and goodwill for the future.

    I hope that circumstances will change and that my outlook on what will occur in the near future will not take place however I cannot say nor will I be present to review it.

    I'm Recommending / Placing my Successor as Darth Sweezy / Darth Sideous due to his activity in server and in game and professionalism. Effective Immediately as of 5/26/16

    Authorized by Leaving CAO Roxas , Vice President Spiker