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  1. Dear people of the Democratic Republic of Shinozaki, I bear to you amazeballs news!!!! After a lot of careful consideration (about 5 min or so) we have decided to promote a few people. Without further ado, I gladly present you thee: Mr. Darth Is going to be your new CAO! As Chief Administration Officer, he will administer a punch to you if you misbehave. Or drugs, I don't know his side business. Congrats dude. Firefox(BWTFN) still don't know what that means btw, will be our CHROME officer...Ahem sorry, I mean CSO. As Chief Security Officer she will be after your ass so you better watch your donkey with 2 pairs of glasses or else... Congratiumalations In the Trustee category we have 4 lucky winners: Aries, Elise, Exnobazzel and Verkham have won a standing ovation in the line of duty (and fire) Congrats to all of you. From Game Admin, AntiRix and General LT are moving up to Head Admin, they probably give good head .... I don't know we'll have to ask them. Congrats dudes. Last but not least, our Trainee Admin is getting his full Admin Rights in the Game Admin category. Welcome everybody JJDIDNT! You all are winners, and it's been a pleasure working with you. Cheers and many more victorious wins in the future. Now all jokes aside, let's get down to the gritty business: I'd like to remind you to take a look at your duties by rereading the chain of command. That's all folks, Your bubbly CO, Wardzy
  2. Make your choices regarding the Calladmin plugin. Discord will provide us with the same interface as ShinozakiBot on Steam. In addition, on Discord Calladmin channel we will be able to see when players are being muted/gagged/silenced. Easier to search through records with Discord since it keeps history. On Steam Shinozakibot will send you a PM if you are added to the list of Admins that want to receive such notifications. Pick what you think is best. Poll closes Sunday April 23 at 11 PM CST.
  3. Server 3 is set to Realism/Classic, admins with root can change it to Nightmare mode with sm_cvar sv_difficulty nightmare
  4. Maps are now in rotation. Players are able to nominate them. If i forgot something, let me know. Or add it yourselves you lazy bums.
  5. Hello everyone, My name is Wardz, but you might know me as that dude who's bugging everybody or working on servers...sometimes. This is to inform you of the new positions in Community Operations. Effective immediately as per our discussion on April 13 (late at night cause we are busy people) we have promoted as following: Roxas CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) Normanthebeast (xXLordNoobXx) GM (General Manager) Battletitan77 (Savage_tha_Clown) CSO (Chief Security Officer) watch your ass people, he will go after you if we get reports of admin abuse etc. DarthSweezy (Darth Sidious) Hybrid position, part of Community Operations, able to take part in CO votes and working in conjunction with myself on maps etc. As you all know, Ayumi and Spiker have moved to President/Vice President positions. Meaning we do not bother them unless there are major problems. (Still able to make and override any decisions). M.C. (Mrs. Yeun) is our new CEO (Chief Executive Officer) in charge of all the things happening on Shinozaki servers. TheWardz (yes I can talk in 3rd person, so can you) is our new COO ( Chief Operation Officer) meaning he will be working on servers to make it a more pleasant experience for players and admins alike with help from Darth. More updates will follow, including any changes and an updated CoC flowchart with detailed explanations of roles and responsibilities. That being said, I'll leave you with this:
  6. All the maps suggested by Darth have been added to the servers. Anyone else have any other cool maps, please feel free to drop a name in here and I will look after them.
  7. Please send all new admins my (M.C.) way for Saturday. We are holding admin training on No More Room in Hell. If you are not able to make it, please find another time to reschedule with either me or anyone who holds position as a HSO or Operations. Also, please message me on why you are not able to make it. This is mandatory. If any higher ups would like to join, it would be really much appreciated. Training will be SATURDAY at 3PM CDT! Join the server that I am in! Thank you and have a nice day!
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    my name is Wardz That was Ayumi, but my name is Wardz!